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June 12, 2022

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June 13, 2022

Is a Salesforce Career Right for You?


Salesforce is the most popular CRM, constituting 19.80% of the industry and creating an average 425,051 jobs annually. With the CRM industry expected to grow at an accumulated annual growth rate of 14.2% and the widespread applications of Salesforce, there is a Salesforce career waiting for you in every industry.

Learn to be the person that administers Salesforce, suggests and implements solutions for different business problems, and enables the business to get the most out of the CRM. No matter what your background, train remotely for a Salesforce Admin, BSA, or Consultant career without learning to code through our 12-week bootcamp.

Salesforce Admin Bootcamp

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Which Salesforce Career Path Can You Pursue?

After successfully completing this bootcamp, you can get any of these jobs:

Which Certifications will this Bootcamp Cover?

This bootcamp will prepare you for these basic certifications :

Salesforce Administrator Platform App Builder

You will also be able to attempt these specialization certifications:

Sales Cloud Consultant Service Cloud Consultant

Why Get Certified?

Certifications augment your resumé, with many CRM jobs mandating them as prerequisites. If you do not have any experience, they serve as your credentials to land entry-level positions. For instance, the Salesforce Admin certification vouches for your skills as a Salesforce Administrator. Even with experience, certifications can bump salaries by 15% to 46% since they teach users new features and best practices for using the CRM platform.

Most Affordable Fee

Most Affordable Fee

The pay later option is not available for Salesforce Admin BootCamp.

CRMBase’s Salesforce Admin Bootcamp fee is $3,000 part-time 12-weeks self-paced BootCamp.

Our Payment Plans

Upfront Tuition
Upfront Tuition

Cover the entire bootcamp charges ($3K) beforehand or in installments while you are taking the classes

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We believe affordability should not prevent you from pursuing your dreams,
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CRMBase vs Other Bootcamps

Our success is tied to your success. When you do well, we get paid.


No coding

No coding

No coding vs Learn coding
No coding vs Learn coding

Learn coding

Learn coding

$1,000 upfront

$1,000 upfront

$1,000 upfront vs Huge upfront cost
$1,000 upfront vs Huge upfront cost

Huge upfront cost

Huge upfront cost

$3,000 Total cost

$3,000 Total cost

$3,000 Total cost vs Ranges up to $30,000
$3,000 Total cost vs Ranges up to $30,000

Ranges up to $30,000

Ranges up to $30,000

Why Should You Choose CRMBase?


Attend Online Instructor-Led Classes

Learn the ins-and-outs of Salesforce remotely from our expert instructors and get one-on-one mentorship on your career journey


Practice with Hands-On Projects

Apply the skills you learn on real-world projects, using the Salesforce platform, and get graded by industry professionals


Join the Salesforce Professional Community

Network and learn from a global community of Salesforce professionals to ease your transition into the industry


Three-Month Apprenticeship (Optional)

Get job training on Salesforce through an three (3) month apprenticeship after graduating from the Salesforce Bootcamp (terms and conditions apply)


Job Outcome Support

CRMBase helps you with career resources like resume workshops and industry introductions


  • Why are Salesforce skills relevant today?
    • Among the growing multitude of CRM providers, Salesforce is the most popular CRM, with over 150,000 clients ranging from Fortune 500 companies to small businesses. Creating an average of 425,051 jobs annually in myriad industries, Salesforce skills lead to high-paying jobs. The demand for Salesforce professionals is exceeding the supply, so you are likely to land high-paying jobs.

  • Do I need any previous Salesforce experience?
    • No, this bootcamp is beginner-friendly, so you don’t need any such experience.

  • Why should I enroll?
    • The CRMBase No-Code Salesforce Bootcamp covers 4 certifications through live, instructor-led classes structured with exam content in mind. You will also practice all the skills you learn in hands-on exercises and relevant projects.

  • What jobs will this bootcamp help me get?
    • Once you successfully complete the bootcamp, you can get a job as a Salesforce Administrator, a Salesforce Business User, Salesforce Business Solutions Analyst, or Salesforce Consultant.

  • How experienced are the bootcamp instructors?
    • Our instructors are hand-picked based on their certifications, relevant industry experience, and teaching ability. CRMBase also collects feedback from students and reviews the curriculum, projects, and student experience on a weekly basis to constantly improve.

  • Where are the bootcamp classes held?
    • Our bootcamps are 100% online and instructor led. You can learn from the comfort of your home, without the hassle of commuting to a physical location.

  • Do I need a computer to take the bootcamp?
    • The bootcamp requires a computer with high-speed internet access and video capability, with working webcam, microphone, and speakers. We highly recommend using headphones for an immersive learning experience.

  • What does the bootcamp fees cover?
    • These are some of the features you will get as a CRMBase bootcamp student:

      • 72 hours of expert instruction, hands-on exercises, and projects for the part-time 12 weeks. 102 hours of homework assignments.
      • A short preparatory course so you hit the ground running.
      • Detailed coursework, with expert-curated lessons, project scenarios, quizzes, and homework assignments.
      • Personalized feedback from the instructor on hands-on exercises and projects.
      • A CRMBase bootcamp certificate to showcase your acquired skills on social media platforms.
      • One-on-one mentorship to resolve your problems and decide on your career path.
      • Connections with instructors, peers, and industry professionals that will help you succeed in your chosen career.

  • Will I earn a certificate?
    • Yes! Upon successfully completing the CRMBase Salesforce bootcamp, you will receive a signed certificate of completion.

  • What are the admission criteria?
    • There are no mandatory requirements for this course. You can belong to any educational or professional background, and you will be perfect for our bootcamp.

  • What is the enrollment process?
    • The enrollment process starts with filling out a brief form with contact details. Then you should expect an email from our Admissions team to schedule a call. In this call, we will better determine your needs, evaluate how good a fit you are for the bootcamp, and decide on the most suitable financing option. 
      After this, you will have to pass a short test to judge your suitability for the bootcamp. We will get back to you with our final decision soon after. Once you get accepted into our Salesforce Bootcamp, you will confirm your place in the bootcamp. Next, you will sign an agreement with us detailing the terms of the bootcamp and another for the payment.

      Admission Form   >   Email from Admissions    >   Call with Admissions   >   Pass our test   >   Final Decision   >   Bootcamp Agreement + Payment Agreement