Salesforce Developer Bootcamp

Salesforce Developer Bootcamp

that sets you up for high-paying and secure tech careers.


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July 22, 2022

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July 25, 2022

Is a Salesforce Developer Career Right for You? 

Salesforce has the largest CRM market share, creating a huge demand for all kinds of Salesforce professionals. Salesforce Developers are necessary to help businesses adapt the out-of-the-box features to their processes and create new capabilities to meet their objectives. Consequently, an average 117,816 Salesforce Developer jobs are posted annually, which is far greater than the available supply. This market also grows twice as fast as other developer jobs, presenting a lucrative career opportunity.  

Learn how to create elegant solutions for complex problems, automate repetitive and time-consuming tasks, and customize the CRM for business needs. Whether you know how to code or not, train remotely for a Salesforce Developer career through our bootcamp. You will learn from experts online and get one-on-one career coaching to land a well-paying job.  

Prerequisites of the Salesforce Developer Bootcamp 

Our Salesforce Developer Bootcamp helps students from all backgrounds excel by ensuring that each student gets the support required to reach the requisite level of proficiency. This means having slightly different Salesforce Developer training programs, with varying preparatory courses and durations. You will find the different programs in the next section.  

Salesforce Developer Bootcamp

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Which Salesforce Career Path Can You Pursue?

After successfully completing this bootcamp, you can get any of these jobs:

Which Certifications will this Bootcamp Cover?

This bootcamp will prepare you for these basic certifications :

Platform Developer I Platform Developer II JavaScript Developer I

You will also be able to attempt these specialization certifications:

Marketing Cloud Developer Industries CPQ Developer OmniStudio Developer B2C Commerce Developer

Why Get Certified?

Certifications augment your resumé, with many CRM jobs mandating them as prerequisites. If you do not have any experience, they serve as your credentials to land entry-level positions. Even with experience, certifications can bump salaries by 15% to 46% since they teach users new features and best practices for using the Salesforce platform. 

Most Affordable Fee

Most Affordable Fee

CRMBase’s Salesforce Developer Bootcamp charges no upfront costs. Get Salesforce Developer training now at no cost and when you earn at least $50,000 a year, pay us back in manageable installments.  

CRMBase wants you to succeed, so we won’t charge you anything when you start. Our Deferred Tuition Agreement (DTA) is straightforward: 

  • There are no upfront costs. 

  • Once you are earning a pre-tax income of at least $50,000 a year, you will pay a minimum amount per month. 

  • The repayment amount and duration depend on the program you choose. 

Our Payment Plans

Deferred Tuition Agreement (DTA)
Deferred Tuition Agreement (DTA)

Learn now and pay a certain amount per month after you are hired and earning at least $50K

Upfront Tuition
Upfront Tuition

Cover the entire bootcamp charges beforehand or in installments while you are taking the classes

Learn More

We believe affordability should not prevent you from pursuing your dreams,
so get in touch to explore more options.

CRMBase vs Other Bootcamps

Our success is tied to your success. When you do well, we get paid.


CRM-specific coding

CRM-specific coding

CRM-specific coding vs General coding knowledge
CRM-specific coding vs General coding knowledge

General coding knowledge

General coding knowledge

No upfront cost

No upfront cost

No upfront cost vs Huge upfront cost
No upfront cost vs Huge upfront cost

Huge upfront cost

Huge upfront cost

Why Should You Choose CRMBase?


Attend Online Instructor-Led Classes

Learn how to fully customize Salesforce programmatically from our expert instructors and get one-on-one mentorship on your new career journey


Practice with Hands-On Coding Projects

Practice the skills you learn through real-world coding labs and projects, using the actual Salesforce platform, and get graded by industry professionals


Join the Salesforce Professional Community

Network with and learn from a global community of Salesforce professionals to ease your transition into the industry


Three-Month Apprenticeship

Get on-the-job Salesforce Developer training through an optional three (3) month apprenticeship after graduating from the bootcamp


Job Outcome Support

CRMBase helps you land lucrative Salesforce Developer jobs since your success is our success


  • Why are Salesforce skills relevant today?
    • Among the growing multitude of CRM providers, Salesforce is the most popular CRM, with over 150,000 clients ranging from Fortune 500 companies to small businesses. As the Salesforce ecosystem is growing exponentially, Salesforce Developers are in higher demand than developers in other industries. They can also command higher salaries as a result. Regardless of your background, you can carve out a fulfilling and future-proof career as a Salesforce Developer once you complete our Salesforce Developer Bootcamp. 

  • Do I need any previous Salesforce experience?
    • If you possess a year of experience working in a Salesforce ecosystem, you can complete our Salesforce Developer Bootcamp in 12 weeks of full-time classes. You also qualify for this shorter program if you are certified as a Salesforce Admin, Advanced Admin, and App Builder, or you have graduated from our No-Code Salesforce Bootcamp. In case you do not have any Salesforce experience or certification, you can complete the bootcamp in 24 weeks of full-time classes.

  • Do I need to know coding?
    • No, you do not need to have any programming knowledge or an IT background. We will start from the basics and teach you all you need to know to become an expert Salesforce Developer.

  • Why should I enroll?
    • The CRMBase Salesforce Developer Bootcamp teaches you how to programmatically customize Salesforce through instructor-led classes and career support even if you have no previous coding knowledge. You will also practice all the skills you learn in hands-on coding labs and get trained in live, instructor-led classes, getting the best learning experience.  Whatever your background, at the end of the bootcamp, you will be a skilled Salesforce Developer.  

  • What job will this bootcamp help me get?
    • As a graduate with our career resources, you can easily land a job as a Salesforce Developer earning $121,800+. 

  • How experienced are the bootcamp instructors?
    • Our instructors are hand-picked based on their certifications, relevant industry experience, and teaching ability. CRMBase also collects feedback from students and reviews the curriculum, projects, and student experience on a weekly basis to constantly improve.

  • Where are the bootcamp classes held?
    • Our bootcamps are 100% online and instructor led. You can learn from the comfort of your home, without the hassle of commuting to a physical location.

  • Do I need a computer to take the bootcamp?
    • The bootcamp requires a computer with at least 4GB RAM, high-speed internet access and video capability, with working webcam, microphone, and speakers. We highly recommend using headphones for an immersive learning experience. 

  • What are the professional backgrounds of other students?
    • Our students come from all industries and walks of life, with one common goal: breaking into a lucrative tech career. We get professionals from diverse backgrounds like sales, marketing, customer service, finance, project management, and many more. Many want to become Salesforce software developers, while others want to add a new skill set to their Salesforce experience for progressing to a more specialized role.

  • What does the bootcamp fees cover?
    • These are some of the features you will get as a CRMBase bootcamp student:

      • 480 hours of expert instruction, hands-on exercises, and projects. 
      • A short preparatory course so you hit the ground running.
      • Detailed coursework, with expert-curated lessons, coding project scenarios, and homework assignments. 
      • Personalized feedback from the instructor on hands-on exercises and projects. 
      • A CRMBase Salesforce Developer Bootcamp certificate to showcase your acquired skills on social media platforms. 
      • Dedicated job search resources to prepare you for technical interviews, transform your personal brand, and simplify your job search experience. 
      • Connections with instructors, peers, and industry professionals that will help you make a mark in your chosen career. 

  • What projects will I work on during this course?
    • During the course of the bootcamp, you will compile a portfolio of individual and group coding projects that will test your knowledge of the concepts learnt and provide you hands-on experience. The capstone project will replicate a real-world coding problem that you will resolve on your own, giving you the confidence to apply for Salesforce Developer jobs and enhance your portfolio.

  • Will I earn a certificate?
    • Yes! Upon successfully completing the CRMBase Salesforce Developer bootcamp, you will receive a signed certificate of completion.

  • What are the financing options?
    • Our payment plans are designed to suit your needs. We have got your covered with two (2) main financing options:

      1. Deferred Tuition Agreement (DTA): Learn now and pay a minimum amount per month after you are hired.
      2. Upfront Tuition and Installments: Cover the entire bootcamp charges beforehand or while you are taking the classes.

      Affordability should not be a hurdle to pursuing your dreams, so get in touch to explore more options. 

  • What does the DTA entail?
    • We want you to succeed, so you will not be paying any upfront costs and will only be paying us back when you start earning a pre-tax income of $50,000 or more a year. With the high demand for CRM skills and our career support services, you will be able to easily land a high-paying job soon after graduation. 

  • What are the admission criteria?
    • You can have any educational and work background and still be a perfect fit for our bootcamp. We have different programs for students who have knowledge and/or experience of the Salesforce platform.  

      1. In case you possess the skills tested in the Salesforce Administrator, Salesforce Advanced Administrator and Platform App Builder certifications, have worked with the Salesforce ecosystem for at least a year, or a CRMBase No-Code Salesforce Bootcamp graduate, you can opt for our 12-week full-time bootcamp.  
      2. However, if you do not have these skills and experience, you can enroll in our 24-week full-time bootcamp.  
      3. You don’t need to have a coding or Information Technology (IT) background. Our bootcamp will teach you how to programmatically customize Salesforce even without this know-how.

  • What is the enrollment process?
    • The enrollment process starts with filling out a brief form with contact details on this page. Then you should expect an email from our Admissions team to schedule a call. In this call, we will better determine your needs, evaluate how good a fit you are for the program, and decide on the most suitable financing option. 
      After this, you will have to pass a short test to judge your suitability for the bootcamp. We will get back to you with our final decision soon after. Once you get accepted into our Salesforce Developer Bootcamp, you will sign an agreement with us detailing the terms of the bootcamp and another for the payment. 

      Admission Form   >   Email from Admissions   >   Call with Admissions   >  Pass our test   >   Final Decision   >   Bootcamp Agreement + Payment Agreement