Careers in the CRM Industry CRM Business Solutions Analyst: Providing Actionable Solutions

CRM Business Solutions Analyst: Providing Actionable Solutions


Outline CRM Business Solutions Analyst jobs duties, ranging from requirements analysis, to creating actionable solutions, testing, and implementing them.  
Learning Objectives:
After completing this lesson, you will be able to:
  • Map out the role of a CRM Business Solutions Analyst
  • Outline the process of discovering business requirements
  • Describe how CRM Business Solutions Analysts document requirements and formulate actionable solutions
  • Explain the process of working with CRM Developers and Technical Architects for implementing the solution suggested by CRM Business Solutions Analysts

CRM Business Solutions Analysts are the problem-solvers in an organization, mapping ways to resolve issues. They dig deep into data to find new insights that would improve the business. CRM Business Solutions Analysts collaborate with all stakeholders to figure out what problems are affecting their work and any areas that can be improved. Then, leveraging data insights, they create actionable solutions.