College Cash and CRMBase join forces to help students achieve financial freedom

Sept. 17, 2021

United by the common goal of making students financially stable and starting them on the road to a secure future, CRMBase and College Cash have partnered up. The partners are providing an alternative to crippling college debt and even a way of lessening the burden on students who have already accumulated it.  

CRMBase aims to make it easier for students to land high-paying jobs in tech, where they can earn $90,000+ without learning to code. Their 3-month No-Code Salesforce Bootcamp prepares students to become Salesforce Admins, Business Solutions Analysts, or Consultants. Students pay nothing till they get hired, so they can solely focus on developing job-ready skills instead of worrying about financing their education. Experienced instructors train students in 100% online classes, providing one-on-one mentorship to help students navigate their new careers. 

College Cash’s mission of reducing the student loan debt aligns well with CRMBase’s bootcamp offering and this partnership is an important means of achieving their goal. College Cash users can now tackle their student loan debt by learning job-ready skills with CRMBase. After graduating from the bootcamp, they will land lucrative positions with the help of CRMBase’s career resources.